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2014 Changes to McTimoney Chiropractic Price List and Equine Travel Charges

November 17, 2013  |   Canine Chiropractic,Equine Chiropractic,Human Chiropractic,Latest Posts   |     |   Comments Off

Sorry…..hate to have to talk money…..especially with Christmas only a few weeks away.

Everyone is certainly feeling the financial pinch still and so here at Waterside Chiropractic we are doing our best to keep the cost of chiropractic treatment in 2014 affordable and as close to 2013 prices as possible.

Waterside Chiropractic’s existing patients will no doubt be really pleased to hear that the follow up treatment charges for people, horses and dogs will remain the same in 2014 as they did in 2013!  So you or your animal can continue to have chiropractic treatment at the same price next year as you have had throughout this year*….fab news!

However, as you can all undoubtedly appreciate, with the cost of living continuing to increase, business expenditure continues to rise.  We are all aware of the well publicised increases in energy bills and the cost of other essential items such as stationery and couch roll have significantly increased over the last few years.  In order to offset these additional costs and so as to be able to keep follow up treatment charges for all patients the same, there will be a slight increase of £5 in the charge of the first session for new human and animal patients, i.e. the initial consultation/assessment & treatment.  Follow up treatment charges for these new patients will then be the same as for all existing patients, so it is just a one off extra on the very first session.

For further details on the McTimoney Chiropractic Price Lists for 2014 (weekday and weekend), please click here.

*(Although Equine clients follow up treatment charge will remain at the same price in 2014 as they were in 2013, Equine Travel Charges for 2014 have increased and may affect the overall charge, depending on location of yard/stable – see below for further details)

Equine Travel Charges 2014

2013 has also seen more equine patients register for chiropractic treatment that live some distance away, which has resulted in more time spent travelling to and from visiting horses, and in some instances with the congestion on the roads, far more time spent travelling each day than treating.  Up until now, i.e. throughout 2013, all equine clients have enjoyed a no applicable travel charge within a 10 mile radius of Waterside Farm, with 50p per mile travel charges applying for each mile travelled to establishments 10-20 miles away, and £1 per mile travel charges applying for each mile travelled over 20 miles away.

Equine Travel Charges do not just cover the cost of fuel, they have to cover the cost of wear and tear on the vehicle and contribute to the cost of time spent travelling to and from the equine patient.  2013 has seen Equine Travel Charges nowhere near covering these costs; they have just about covered the cost of fuel with a small contribution to the cost of wear and tear of the vehicle and it is just not possible to keep taking on clients some distance away without some change to the charges made for travelling these extra distances.  After a lot of thought about the aims and objectives of Waterside Chiropractic (to provide chiropractic treatment to as many seeking treatment as possible), the best use of time available and Waterside Chiropractic’s carbon footprint, it is with regret that it has been decided that Equine Travel Charges will be increasing by 50p per mile travelled in 2014.

Although this may seem quite a steep increase, within this increase we have been able to maintain a no applicable travel charge for equine patients residing within a 10 mile radius of Waterside Farm and the cost of an equine follow up treatment remaining at the same cost in 2014 as it was in 2013.  Basically, the further away that you live, the higher the Equine Travel Charge in 2014 will be, as it needs to make a larger contribution to the actual costs incurred of visiting your horse at home.  Don’t forget though, if there is more than one horse being seen at a yard, then the Equine Travel Charges can be split between all of those receiving chiropractic treatment, reducing the overall cost of treatment for each patient.  The option of bringing your horse to Waterside Farm for assessment and treatment is also still available, although this can be a less advisable option as horses can be sensitive to a change of surroundings and the effects of travelling and tend to respond better to treatment carried out at home.  Where possible, visits to yards in a particular locality will be scheduled together on the same day and where this happens, overall travel charges will be split between those being seen.

For further details on Equine Travel Charges and how travel charges to equine establishments are calculated, please click here.


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