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Merry Christmas 2017! Looking forward to 2018! News from 2016/17 – what’s been happening at Waterside Chiropractic since the last blog!

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I’m aware that it has been quite some time since a blog has been posted on this site!  Apologies to all!

2016 and 2017 were manic! Not only was it quite full on with chiropractic appointments, in 2016, Jackie decided to further her animal chiropractic skills by undertaking and passing the International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic’s (IAVC) post-graduate diploma which involved over 210 hours of lectures and many hours of homework and case studies, learning a new animal chiropractic technique and undertaking final examinations that required over 80% in order to pass.  This was a quite demanding undertaking but has proven to be well worth doing, with horses and dogs feeling the benefit of a combination of techniques (McTimoney, STR and IAVC).

At the same time as studying for these examinations, in the summer of 2016 when training for an Endurance Great Britain (EGB) event in July/August, Irish went significantly lame on his left hind and to cut a long story short, ended up having to have hock surgery in August 2016 in order to rectify the condition.  Following lots of careful rehabilitation work during the winter of 2016/17,  he has made a full recovery and was able to start the Endurance Riding season again in 2017.  During 2016, Irish took part in a couple of 1 day events, dressage competitions and EGB events.  We found he had a passion for endurance riding, being a brave and relaxed fella, so would start and finish with low heart rates and fully enjoyed his outings and training rides for the event.

So after a full on 18 months, we were all really looking forward to a relaxing long hot summer, and hoping for a repeat of the summer of 2016 which had been absolutely gorgeous (Jackie remembers this well as it was always hot and sunny when attending college for the IAVC diploma or having to home study, typical!).  July/August 2017 saw Sol (Waterside Chiropractic’s resident Boxer dog) become ill and following a series of investigations which gave no answers as to why he was having gastrointestinal problems, Sol had investigative surgery which showed multiples of gut adhesions.  Surgery to address these was not successful and we were absolutely devastated to have to say goodbye to Sol in August 2017 at just 6.5 years of age.  Sol was a kind, loving, funny little boy who enjoyed playing the clown and we all miss him dreadfully. RIP Sol :(

Grolsch joined the family of Waterside Chiropractic residents at the end of November 2017.  Grolsch is a Boxer dog puppy and now aged 9.5 weeks has brought a smile back to all our faces with his puppy antics.  Merlot has accepted him into the pack and plays with him a lot, and also puts up with a lot of puppy naughtiness and nonsense!  Grolsch will be helping on the chiropractic demonstrations in the months and years to come, a picture of him can be found on the Animal Chiropractic Demonstrations page :)

So with Merlot’s lung surgery in 2015 (which saw him lose 2/3rds of his R lung due to a mass), Irish’s hock surgery in 2016 and losing our little boy Sol in 2017, we are all looking forward to 2018 and hoping that it will be a better year for us all and in particular with regards to traumas affecting our equine and canine residents.  Hopefully 2018 will see them all remain happy and healthy and that after the events of the last few years, that it will be a less traumatic and more relaxing year all round.

So all that remains is for us to thank all of our patients for their continued support over the last couple of years, be they human, canine or equine, and to wish them all a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous new year for 2018.

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