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Chiropractor [McTimoney/STR/IAVC] (Qualified to treat humans and animals)
Registered with GCC and RAMP
Telephone: 07738 110570
E-mail: info@watersidechiropractic.co.uk

Positive Press about McTimoney Chiropractic by Dog World

September 10, 2012  |   Latest Posts   |     |   Comments Off

I have just been made aware of this article which was published by Dog World.  15 year old Freddy the dog was found to be unable to stand, let alone walk after getting up in the morning.  Freddy was taken for treatment by a McTimoney Chiropractor and following chiropractic treatment, made a full recovery, alleviating the need for veterinary involvement…read more.

Waterside Chiropractic promotes regular chiropractic check ups and treatment for all dogs, but particularly in the case of older dogs or those dogs that have degenerative joint diseases such as (osteo)arthritis.  Older dogs can really benefit from regular chiropractic treatment; as an animal or human gets older, we find that our bones and joints become more restricted due to chemical changes that take place within the body affecting the bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments, which tends to result in a lack of flexibility and reduced range of motion of the joints, resulting in other compensations within the skeletal structure.  This can lead to lameness, limb dragging or an odd irregular gait.  Other signs and symptoms can include uncharacteristic changes in performance, behaviour or temperament.  If you would like to know more about how McTimoney Chiropractic treatment could help your dog, take a look at the ‘Chiropractic for Animals’ page of the website and/or contact Jackie Leftwich, McTimoney Chiropractor at Waterside Chiropractic on 07738 110570, who will be more than happy to discuss your individual pet’s needs with you.

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