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Waterside Chiropractic and Heavy Horse Power!

February 09, 2013  |   Latest Posts   |     |   Comments Off

Another great programme starring Martin Clunes and his two “loveable but uncontrollable teenagers”, a pair of young Clydesdales Ronnie and Bruce, who were sent off to ‘hoof camp’ to learn to drive.

As well as watching the progress of Martin’s horses, we were treated to a view of other heavy horse power from around the world.  The sea fishing horses in Belgium were quite amazing, trawling for shrimps, as were the British Heavy Horse Power team that dragged the fishing boat along the beach and came a respectable fourth out of all the teams that took part.  The young team working in the forest logging were also quite a sight to behold and shows what can be achieved without awkward unwieldy machinery and diesel, an effective and environmentally friendly alternative.

What is clear is how hard these horses work and although in many cases they quite clearly enjoy their work, such work does place a huge amount of stress on the musculoskeletal system of these horses.  Good, well-fitting tack is a must for these horses, as well as regular breaks and enough energy-giving sources so that they can carry out their work.  Waterside Chiropractic has a few heavy horses on its books and these types of horses definitely benefit from regular chiropractic checks and treatment to keep them working optimally.

The Budweiser horses in America were a sight to behold; would love to see these in the flesh.  The dog looked quite at home sitting up with the driver.  Thought Martin was very brave taking the reins as had that lot taken off, it could have been more than just a little interesting!



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