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Waterside Chiropractic teams up with Honeys Real Dog Food about the benefits of biologically appropriate raw dog food in aid of a local animal rescue charity

July 27, 2012  |   Latest Posts   |     |   Comments Off

Here at Waterside Chiropractic, we believe that dogs should eat the same sort of diet that they would if they lived in the wild.  This is not a romantic notion, dogs should eat the type of diet that nature intended  for them – that is raw, fresh meat, bones and vegetables.   This is the ethos that Waterside Chiropractic shares with Honeys Real Dog Food.  Merlot and Sol, Waterside Farm’s resident dogs (and security chiefs!) would not eat anything else now, they love their Honeys real dog food and regular raw bones and chicken wings.  Honeys say:

“Dogs and their wolf ancestors have been eating raw food for over a million years. It is what their teeth and digestive systems are designed for and, as you can imagine, they thrive on it.

Benefits include a glossy coat, healthy skin, lean muscle tone, robust immune system, sweet smelling breath, healthy teeth and gums, increased energy, better digestion, strong heart and more energy and vitality.

Dogs eating a raw food diet can be expected to live longer and to suffer less illness and disease. Indeed, if your dog has any health issues now (even minor problems such as allergies, dry skin, bad breath and what the Americans refer to, euphemistically, as ‘gas’) it is quite likely that a switch to a raw food diet will clear them up.”

There is lots of information (including research findings) about the health benefits of a raw food diet on the Honeys website (www.honeysrealdogfood.com)

As well as being a biologically appropriate diet, all of the meat used in Honeys real dog food is free range or wild and comes from British, ethical farmers.

Honeys founder, Jonathan Self, has sent Jackie Leftwich at Waterside Chiropractic 20 copies of his book ‘Honeys Natural Feeding Handbook for Dogs’ to sell in aid of our local animal rescue charity, Mount Noddy Animal Centre in Eartham, Near Chichester.  In the book Jonathan looks at the biological evidence for natural feeding, explains how canine digestion works and provides invaluable dietary advice for poorly dogs. He also makes natural feeding easy to understand and offers plenty of practical recipes and tips. The book is packed with illustrations, diagrams and useful checklists.  These books usually retail at £7.50 but can be purchased through Waterside Chiropractic with ALL proceeds going to Mount Noddy for £5.00.  So contact Jackie Leftwich at Waterside Chiropractic to obtain your copy today and if you are not convinced about the benefits of a natural diet for your dog after reading this book, then Merlot and Sol will be happy to meet with you to persuade you otherwise!

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