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Waterside Chiropractic Welcomes Chiropractic Awareness Week – 15th – 19th April 2013

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Chiropractic Awareness Week, aka Spinal Health Week, takes place from Monday 15th to Friday 19th April 2013.  Research carried out by the British Chiropractic Association in March 2013 showed that 79% of the population has suffered from back or neck pain during some point in their lives, 61% of those being parents.  Carrying babies/toddlers/children and all the gear that goes with young children (prams, push chairs, car seats, baby gear, etc.) can place a lot of strain on the back and neck and lead to acute, and sometimes if left untreated, chronic back and neck pain.  Therefore, it makes sense to ensure that you look after your back so as to ensure that you will be able to enjoy the thrills of parenthood.

Waterside Chiropractic, in addition to being able to offer chiropractic treatment that may help those that are suffering from back and neck pain, can offer advice on how to look after your children whilst also looking after your own back.  Posture plays an important part in ensuring that your body is supported whilst undertaking activities such as carrying your baby or toddler, using prams and push chairs, feeding your baby and even playing with your child.

Carrying your child

Carry your child as close to your own centre of gravity and so that the child’s weight is distributed as evenly as possible.  For babies, carriers and papoose type apparatus are preferable, particularly those that cross across your own back.  Avoid carrying your child to one side and sat on one hip if you can…if you can’t, make sure that you carry them on the other side too so that the distribution across the musculoskeletal system is as even as possible.  As soon as they are old enough to do so, encourage them to do more for themselves so that your own body has to endure less stress and strain.

Using Prams and Push Chairs

Try to walk as upright as possible and maintain a good posture whilst pushing your buggy.  Have your hands at a comfortable height, more achievable with a pram or push chair that has adjustable settings.  Try to make sure that your shoulders are as relaxed as possible and that you do not load the pram with lots of bags of shopping that increases the weight that you have to push around as this will encourage you to lean forward and place more strain on your own back whilst pushing your child around.

Feeding your baby

Whether breast-feeding or bottle-feeding, try to avoid looking down for long periods whilst feeding your child.  The head is the heaviest part of the body and with it held forward and down, this places an enormous strain on the muscles of the upper limb, particularly the neck and back.  This can cause back, neck and shoulder pain and repetitive action can cause chronic pain in these areas.

Playing with your child

Get down to their level to play and ensure that you bend your knees and keep your back straight.  If you can, squat to avoid putting too much pressure on your own knees.  Encourage your children to tidy up their own toys…if you are picking up toys, again, bend your knees and keep your back straight as opposed to bending at the waist.

Jackie Leftwich, Human and Animal McTimoney Chiropractor of Waterside Chiropractic says “these tips may seem like common sense, but it is often the small actions that can lead to acute and chronic back and neck pain.  By avoiding practices that place stresses and strains on your own body, you can maintain a healthier and happier life with your child.”

For more information and advice on how to look after yourself and parent without pain, contact Jackie Leftwich at Waterside Chiropractic, contact details as per the website www.watersidechiropractic.co.uk

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