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Equine Sponsorship – Jessica Sedgwick & ‘Good Morgan’ (Harvey)

Jess & Harvey XC

Jessica Sedgwick competes with her 14 year old TB X,  ‘Good Morgan’ (Harvey) in Endurance, riding distances of up to 40km at various competitions throughout the country.  In July 2014, Jess was selected to ride for England at the Home International Endurance Championships in Scotland in August 2014.  Understandably, Jess is very excited about this opportunity and wants to ensure that both she and Harvey can compete at their best.

Riding is a partnership and Waterside Chiropractic believes that it is important for both horse and rider to be as straight and as balanced as possible so that they can work together in harmony without the other compensating for the asymmetries of the other, so both Jess and Harvey have regular chiropractic treatment from Waterside Chiropractic.

Jess has been extremely impressed with the improvement that regular chiropractic treatment has provided for Harvey.  Jess has kindly provided the following testimonial, “Jackie has been treating Harvey for around a year now and the results have been amazing.  Harvey is a supple, relaxed and much happier horse since Jackie has been treating him and this has reflected in not only his ridden work but also on the ground too.  He bites less and is generally much calmer.  We compete in endurance and it is so reassuring to know that he is 100% comfortable when covering long distances and rough terrain.  His chiropractic treatments have also lead to big improvements in his jumping with us achieving many more clear rounds now.  Thank you so much Jackie for all that you have done for Harvey.”

Jess & Good MorganJess & Harvey England Poster

18th August 2014

Fantastic news! Very well done from Waterside Chiropractic to sponsored clients Jessica Sedgwick and her very clever pony ‘Good Morgan’ (aka Harvey) in their Endurance Ride at the Home International in Scotland over the weekend.  Not only did Jess get selected for the England Team, the England Team won and Harvey also won his class and the Best Novice prize!

And many thanks Jess for the lovely thank you card sent before Jess and Harvey left for Scotland…Jess wrote, ‘Thank you so much for sponsoring me and Harvey! Harvey really has been fantastic since you have been treating him and I am sure it has contributed to our success and ultimately our selection for the England Team. Thank you! Jess & Harvey x’

This is what Jess posted on Facebook on 17th August after the competition…

OMG! We won!!! England won the team competition! 2nd in the turnout awards.  Harvey won his class! And he won the Best Novice prize!!  Can’t believe it!  He was truly amazing today!!!

Jess 220315 Graffham4th September 2014

To Jackie

Thank you so much for your help in getting me and Harv to Scotland! Harvey felt amazing throughout the whole 42km.  He powered along up and down hills with ease.  He didn’t pull or spook for the whole ride!  The England Team Physio and Vet also commented on how supple he was which was fantastic after his 12hr journey.  I can’t thank you enough for the massive contribution you have made to our success.  Harvey is a happier, calmer horse which enables us to do these wonderful rides!  Thank you so much!  Jess + Harvey xxx

3rd October 2014

Thanks to Waterside Chiropractic sponsored clients and England Team Endurance Riders Jess Sedgwick and Harvey for this great update.  Jess and Harvey receive regular chiropractic treatment to keep them both performing at their best.

Hi Jackie! Just wanted to let you know that Harv was Amazing on Wednesday at XC! He was jumping out of his skin, he was so athletic and didn’t once get close to a jump, I was even confident to jump bigger ones and some tough combinations which is amazing considering I have barely jumped all year! He was so super chilled to he didn’t ever try and put his head down and take a hold! He didn’t even break a sweat! Lol! Thank you so much!!!!

He is off to Wales in the morning so I will of course keep you up to date! See you soon! Jess x

4th & 5th October 2014

Jess’s Mum (Clare Sedgwick) took Harvey to compete at the Red Dragon Endurance Ride in Wales.  Clare and Harvey did extremely well as can be seen from this post from Facebook!

I’ve had the most amazing time at the riding club national final at the red dragon ride in Wales. The biggest thanks go to Faye Mitchell for riding with me and helping us achieve our fastest time ever. To top it all we came 2nd!!!!!

Huge congratulations from Waterside Chiropractic on this amazing achievement – two brilliant Endurance Riders in one family!  Clare said “Its because of our amazing pony and how well he feels and moves.  He has never been this good and it’s thanks to you Jackie Leftwich”.

12th October 2014

Following the 2014 Home International/Celtic Challenge & Scottish Championships in August 2014, a great write up in ‘Endurance’ (the Official Members Publication for Endurance GB) Volume 11, Issue 5, September/October 2014 on the event with some great pictures of Jess and Harvey.  Click on the PDF below to see the full magazine write up.

Endurance Sept/Oct 2014 - Jess & Harvey


Endurance Sept/Oct 2014 – Jess & Harvey


Winter 2014/15 Update

Here are some pictures from the last few things we have done.

Rogate DressageMerrist Wood Indoor XCArena XC Coombelands







Arena XC CoombelandsArena XC Coombelands









Team SJTeam SJ




With thanks to www.lrg-photography.co.uk, www.jsbeephotography.com and www.capturesphotography.co.uk

The first is Rogate Dressage on the 25th January where we came 4th in our Intro test qualifying for the Sunshine Tour!  Harvey was fab, so much more chilled out and more settled in a rhythm which really helped!

Next is Indoor Arena XC at Merrist Wood on 31st January where he jumped really well, slightly hindered by my dodgy steering but he was fantastic!  Again really calm and just so much easier to ride!

We then did Arena XC at Coombelands on 7th February, he was amazing here! The jumps were massive but he just popped round with just some unlucky poles meaning we weren’t placed in either class but otherwise he was perfect. You can see in the picture that I have even been able to change back to just a cavesson bridle with a happy mouth gag rather than the pelham as he is now so much more rideable and no longer pulls and tries to get away which is just amazing.

Thank you so much for all that you do for him. He is now going so much longer between treatments which is just fab!

Equally thank you for what you do for me, my back and shoulders are infinitely better since I have been having treatments, I no longer get pain and feel much stronger in my lower back which is exactly what I need for my endurance rides as this used to be a real problem for me!

Our first endurance ride of the season is at Tilford Farnham on the 8th of March so we are now gearing up for that.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.  Thanks so much!

Jess and Harvey x

8th March 2015

Harvey was a superstar at our first endurance ride of this season at Tilford!  He was on top form pulling the whole way and finished with a Grade 1! Clever boy! Big thanks to Jackie Leftwich Waterside Chiropractic and Balanced Horse Feeds Ian Lane Charlotte Lane

July 2015 Update

2015-06-16 22.20.51Hi Jackie!

Just a quick email to say thanks!!!  Harv is feeling absolutely amazing at the moment!  We did our first 50km ride on the 7th of June at Three Rivers and he far exceeded all my hopes and expectations!!  He felt so happy and chilled the whole way round.  He was even more amazing when we had to return to venue after 35km before doing the last 16km.  He wasn’t entirely convinced about leaving his lorry when he thought we should be finished but a tempting jump at the side of the path made it far more exciting and he decided maybe he could go a bit further!
The whole ride he was so relaxed, I now ride virtually the whole way on the buckle and it is so lovely for both of us to be able to do that.  I had to keep giving him hugs the whole way round because I was so proud of him!   He just settles into his rhythm and off we go!  We managed to compete at 12.86kph (faster than I had hoped but he felt so good I just let him go at that speed!)  He had a final heart rate of 44 which got us another fantastic Grade 1!  I was so unbelievably happy!

We are hopefully doing a 2 day ride next in August which is in Norfolk.  I will hopefully do 33km on both the Saturday and Sunday!  Not sure how my muscles will cope!

I also wanted to say how amazing his jumping is at the minute too!  My sister says she has never seen him jump so well!  After not jumping since March I had a lesson on Wednesday and he was unbelievable!  I was barely breathing through nerves but jumped fantastically over a 95cm course with a huge 1.05m jump out of a double!   We are jumping for our riding club team at Hickstead in August so that was a massive confidence boost for that!

I am taking him to BSJA at Crofton on Sunday so will let you know how we get on!

Thank you for everything you do for both of us!

Jess xx

Attached is a little collage of pics from our endurance rides this year so far.

August 2015

August was a month of highs and lows for both of us this year.  It unfortunately didn’t start to well, merely days before our trip to Hickstead for the team jumping competition I took Harvey for his final jumping lesson just to boost our confidence, unfortunately something was not quite right, Harvey was refusing fences and rushing like he used to which he has just not done for well over a year.  I was very upset and unsure what to do next.  Luckily for us Jackie was coming to see other horses on our yard that day and managed to fit Harv in for a desperately needed emergency appointment.  His pelvis was not right, no wonder he was finding jumping a struggle!!  A few days later, on the 3rd of August, off we went to Hickstead with the riding club teams, here Harvey jumped one of his BEST ever rounds producing a beautiful, rhythmic clear which helped our team to a respectable place of 39th out of 123.  We were chuffed to bits.  He has never felt so free and jumped so beautifully, his last minute treatment really did make the world of difference and I was so pleased he was comfortable again!

Jess Hickstead 2015

After Hickstead we were off to our Endurance Inter-Regional competition on the 16th of August. We travelled all the way up to the Cranwich ride in Norfolk to compete in the 42km class representing our South-Region.  Harvey was on absolute top form, feeling well after our recent Hickstead success Harvey was so free moving and ate up the distance like it was nothing!  We cruised round the 42km at a fantastic 14.8kph! At the finish I had some invaluable assistance from some very experienced riders to help with crewing Harvey and getting his heart rate down. It worked brilliantly and we came away with yet another Grade 1 and plenty of tips and advice to help us in the future!  However upon arriving home after our long journey I was delighted to discover that we had in fact WON our class!!! I was so excited! It was a brilliant weekend all round!

Cranwich 1 Cranwich 2










The following weekend (23rd August) however, was not meant to be for us.  Whilst travelling to our 50km at Barbury Castle Harvey fell in the trailer.  He seemed shaken, but ok upon arrival at the venue.  The following morning we had him checked by both the farrier and the vet and thankfully he was ok and passed as fit to ride.  The weather was not to be on our side though.  Approximately 20 minutes after leaving the venue the heavens opened! The remained of our 4.5hr ride was spent in the pouring rain, much to Harvey’s disgust (he is a fair weather pony!) Unfortunately about 3km from the finish Harv slipped on some chalky ground and did not feel entirely right.

Due to where we were the easiest thing was to gently take him home (more time in the rain! Boo!) Upon finishing, he trotted up lame, meaning a non-finish. I was rather upset and unsure whether the injury was exacerbated by the trailer issue the day before. This was Harvey’s first ever failure and it is not an easy thing to take.  I was worried about Harv and what it might mean for him in the future.

We took Harvey home and by the next morning it was apparent that he had a slight curb on his hock. After a few weeks rest this very quickly disappeared and Harvey was sound again.

Harvey resting Harvey Barbury






September- October 2015

We decided at this point that it was in Harvey’s interest to finish our season there.  Harvey then had approximately a month off to rest and recuperate after a busy season.  After his rest he then had a treatment from Jackie, his incident in the trailer had caused a few issues all over but Jackie was really able to help him and gave me advice for his recovery.  After treatment he was feeling right as rain again and back to his cheeky self!  We then started gently re-introducing ridden work in the form of light hacking.  My sister and I have recently broken in our new pony, Storm, so Harvey took on the role of Grandad and proudly escorted Storm round his favourite routes!

storm hack brekkie





November 2015

After a few weeks of hacking and gradually building up Harvey’s fitness it was finally time to start the real work again! We have been attending many lessons and clinics over the past few weeks to work on Harvey’s schooling in flatwork and jumping to make sure that he is using his muscles correctly (he can get a bit rebellious after a season of endurance!) Thanks to the ongoing treatments from Jackie Harvey is absolutely feeling back on top form again, if not better than ever!!


Harvey schooling Harvey XC










December 2015

At the start of this month we attended our Regional Endurance Great Britain (EGB) Awards Dinner.  Here I was delighted to be awarded with our Bronze award for completing 227km this season.  I was also delighted to discover that Harvey had come 3rd in the Unregistered Breeds category and I was 3rd in the Novice Rider award.  Our riding club also entered a team of 4 in the yearly distance award and our team came 6th which was just brilliant!!

Harvey awards

On the 6th of December we went to a dressage competition held by our local riding club.  Harvey did fantastically well, he came 5th in our Intro test and 6th in our Prelim out of a strong field! We even got a 9(!) for our canter transition! This is just and indication of how far he as come in the past year.  He used to be on his forehand and rush his transitions. He now has the strength and ability to engage his hind end and work correctly. This is no doubt thanks to the wonderful treatment that he receives from Jackie!!

Harvey dressage

On the 13th of December we then went to a low level jumping competition also run by our local riding club.  My mum (Clare) rode Harvey and despite a sat-nav error jumped a lovely round to come 5th in her 2’0 class and then came 2nd in the 2’0 pairs class with my sister riding Storm (Clever pony!) after they both produced beautiful clear rounds!

We are now working on further improving Harvey’s strength and stamina over the coming months so that he will be ready for the start of next years Endurance season in March.  This year we are upgrading to open level which will allow us to compete at longer distances with vet-gates. I am already very much looking forward to the coming season and know that Harvey is too!

My treatments from Jackie have also been invaluable this year.  When riding for a long time and over long distances it really was important that I was straight and comfortable as I didn’t want to hinder Harvey in any way. A few times this year I have needed treatments from Jackie after getting myself in a state doing silly things (spraining my ankle on a trampoline being one of them!) and I always feel a million times better afterwards.  The discomfort is instantly gone and I am now feeling that I need treatments less and less as I am getting stronger myself (when not doing said silly things…) I think that regular chiropractic treatments has made a massive difference to my riding this year and has certainly helped with mine and Harvey’s success!!!!

So a MASSIVE Thank You to Jackie for everything that you have done for myself and Harvey this year.  We would not have had the results that we have had without you!   Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from me and Harv!

Harvey Xmas

February 2016

Hi Jackie!
Just wanted to let you know that Harvey was amazing today!! We went to Pyecombe for Riding Club Team Jumping and he was on top form.  He jumped two fantastic clear rounds!!!  He felt so good, was so willing and just made it feel easy! I was so excited! Hehe! Thank you sooooo much!
Jess and Harv!

Harv SJ2