Jackie Leftwich BSc MSc AMC MMCA FRCC (Animal)
Chiropractor [McTimoney/STR/IAVC] (Qualified to treat humans and animals)
Registered with GCC and RAMP
Telephone: 07738 110570
E-mail: info@watersidechiropractic.co.uk

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Merry Christmas 2017! Looking forward to 2018! News from 2016/17 – what’s been happening at Waterside Chiropractic since the last blog!

December 06, 2017  |   Canine Chiropractic,Equine Chiropractic,Human Chiropractic,Latest Posts   |     |   Comments Off

I'm aware that it has been quite some time since a blog has been posted on this site!  Apologies to all! 2016 and 2017 were manic! Not only was it quite full on with chiropractic appointments, in 2016, Jackie decided to further her animal chiropractic skills by undertaking and passing the International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic’s (IAVC) post-graduate diploma which involved over 210 hours of lectures and many hours of homework and case studies, learning a new ...

Winter 2015/16 Update on Waterside Chiropractic Sponsorships

March 01, 2016  |   Canine Chiropractic,Equine Chiropractic,Human Chiropractic,Latest Posts,Testimonials   |     |   Comments Off

Following a fabulous 2015, Waterside Chiropractic sponsored equine and canine clients, Jessica Sedgwick & Harvey and Emma Priest & Foxi had a bit of time ‘off’ over the Winter.  However, they have not been idle during that time! There were many highs and lows for Jess and Harvey during the second half of 2015.  Harvey jumped beautifully at Hickstead in August and won his class at the Endurance Inter-Regional Competition at Cranwich, Norfolk a couple of ...

Canine Alabama Rot or Cutaneous Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy (CRGV) Update

January 17, 2016  |   Canine Chiropractic,Latest Posts   |     |   Comments Off

Firstly Happy New Year to all Waterside Chiropractic Clients!  The days are starting to get longer and we are looking forward to Summer.  Not that we are wishing the days away, but after all the recent rain which has turned most places into muddy quagmires, we are definitely seeking some sun and decent weather!  It has been very mild over the recent 'Winter' months, which may be a contributing factor to the number of incidences ...

Waterside Chiropractic Summer 2015 Update

July 13, 2015  |   Canine Chiropractic,Equine Chiropractic,Human Chiropractic,Latest Posts   |     |   Comments Off

Where is the year going to?!  I can hardly believe that we are into July already.  Looking back, it is some months since I have updated the website and added a blog, but that is just testament to how busy it has been here at Waterside Chiropractic throughout the last six months.  In fact, the diary has been so busy, I have to block out time to ensure that I have time to spend with ...

Chiropractic: Helping People and Animals with Arthritis

January 31, 2015  |   Canine Chiropractic,Equine Chiropractic,Human Chiropractic,Latest Posts   |     |   Comments Off

Helping animals with arthritis too! Arthritis is known by many names—but all of them indicate a condition that can be both painful and debilitating.  The word 'arthritis' means 'inflammation of the joint and is derived from the word arthritis comes from the Greek 'arthron' meaning "joint" and the Latin 'itis' meaning "inflammation".  In the UK, around 10 million people have ...

2015 Changes to Waterside Chiropractic (McTimoney Chiropractic) Price List

November 24, 2014  |   Canine Chiropractic,Equine Chiropractic,Human Chiropractic,Latest Posts   |     |   Comments Off

Here at Waterside Chiropractic we are doing our best to keep the cost of chiropractic treatment in 2015 affordable and as close to 2014 prices as possible. Waterside Chiropractic’s existing human and canine patients will no doubt be really pleased to hear that the follow up treatment charges for people and dogs will remain the same in 2015 as they did in 2014!  So you or your dog can continue to have chiropractic treatment at the ...

Waterside Chiropractic Welcomes BackCare Awareness Week 6th-12th October 2014

October 06, 2014  |   Human Chiropractic,Latest Posts   |     |   Comments Off

Waterside Chiropractic welcomes this year's BackCare Awareness Week which runs from 6th-12th October. This is an annual event organised by the charity, BackCare (www.backcare.org.uk) which aims to promote the awareness of back pain and the wide-ranging issues surrounding it, including prevention and treatment. BackCare Awareness Week puts the spotlight on the prevention of back and neck pain and the emphasis on good posture and as stress free a living as possible ...