Jackie Leftwich BSc MSc AMC MMCA FRCC (Animal)
Chiropractor [McTimoney/STR/IAVC] (Qualified to treat humans and animals)
Registered with GCC and RAMP
Telephone: 07738 110570
E-mail: info@watersidechiropractic.co.uk


The treatment of animals is regulated under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 and chiropractors or others that practice disciplines that involve the treatment, manipulation or physical therapy of animals may only work with animals with the permission of a veterinary surgeon. This is to safeguard the health and welfare of animals and to protect owners and their animals from incompetent and unqualified practice. Most veterinary surgeons are aware of the benefits of chiropractic care for animals and will readily give their permission for animals in their care to receive chiropractic treatment.

All clients will be required to sign that they understand the above and that veterinary authorisation has been obtained for treatment of their animal.  Should your vet wish to complete a referral/consent form, the PDF forms below are available for download.

Equine Vet Consent Form


Equine Vet Consent Form


Equine Travel Charges 2015


Canine Vet Consent Form