Jackie Leftwich BSc MSc AMC MMCA FRCC (Animal)
Chiropractor [McTimoney/STR/IAVC] (Qualified to treat humans and animals)
Registered with GCC and RAMP
Telephone: 07738 110570
E-mail: info@watersidechiropractic.co.uk

Jessica Sedgwick & ‘Good Morgan’ (aka Harvey), Chichester

Jess & Good MorganJessica Sedgwick competes with her 14 year old TB X,  ‘Good Morgan’ (Harvey) in Endurance, riding distances of up to 40km at various competitions throughout the country.  In July 2014, Jess was selected to ride for England at the Home International Endurance Championships in Scotland in August 2014.

“Jackie has been treating Harvey for around a year now and the results have been amazing.  Harvey is a supple, relaxed and much happier horse since Jackie has been treating him and this has reflected in not only his ridden work but also on the ground too.  He bites less and is generally much calmer.  We compete in endurance and it is so reassuring to know that he is 100% comfortable when covering long distances and rough terrain.  His chiropractic treatments have also lead to big improvements in his jumping with us achieving many more clear rounds now.  Thank you so much Jackie for all that you have done for Harvey.”

Jess & Harvey England PosterRiding is a partnership and Waterside Chiropractic believes that it is important for both horse and rider to be as straight and as balanced as possible so that they can work together in harmony without the other compensating for the asymmetries of the other, so both Jess and Harvey have regular chiropractic treatment from Waterside Chiropractic.  Jess has since added to the above testimonial with:

“Harvey really has been fantastic since you have been treating him and I am sure it has contributed to our success and ultimately our selection for the England Team.  Thank you!  Jess & Harvey xx”


Vicky Needham & Rosie, Ferring

Vicky Needham & Rosie

Jackie noticed straight away Rosie’s pelvis was tilted so she done an all over treatment. Rosie was really calm and relaxed throughout the whole treatment. Within 5 days of treatment, although only walking and trotting, I could feel the difference in Rosie, so soft through her whole body and her paces were so much bigger.  I couldn’t wait to feel her canter and jump (Jackie had said that we had to wait a week after treatment).  Rosie’s canter is lovely and her jump is even better and still really soft and relaxed to ride.  Her paces are longer and she is totally level behind.

I would recommend Jackie very highly I am very impressed.



Vicky Tate & Zak (Zircon Fazeer), Herstmonceux


Jackie has done wonders on my 17 year old Arab.  When Jackie first came out to see him 6 months ago he was very lame. The vet had been out and had no idea what was wrong with him, they wanted to take him into their clinic for a lameness investigation but I wasn’t 100% sure that was the answer.  Anyway a friend recommended Jackie and I thought it was worth trying. She was very thorough and honest asking me lots of questions, she said that she may not be able to cure his lameness as we did not know what was the cause of it but that she could make him more comfortable. She has a very calm and considerate manner and he was very relaxed throughout the whole treatment.

After the first one he had so much energy and was so much happier in himself, by the second the improvements were dramatic. Although Zak is not 100% I have been able to lightly work him throughout the summer and hopefully with Jackie’s help he will go from strength to strength. I would highly recommend Jackie.


Annabelle Harvey-Mason & Sparkles, Aldingbourne

Annabelle Harvey-Mason & Sparkles

Dear Jackie

After my Welsh Section A Sparkles had his treatment I let him rest and then done some straight line work with him.  I knew he was feeling much better after three days because when I rode him he was very excited.  Mum said he was acting like a 3 year old.  He was cantering and trotting and jumping the next week.

Sparkles loved it so much that he could canter around a course of jumps (something that we hadn’t been able to do together before). Sparkles jumped a 2 foot jump.  I didn’t know he was going to go over it but it was clear that he was enjoying it.

Thank you for treating my pony and making him feel young and fit again.

Love Annabelle (age 8) and Sparkles (age 20)


Karen Beer & Will, West Ashling

Karen Beer & Will

Will is an 11 yr old 16.2hh warmblood cross and 13 months ago he suffered a freak injury. He trod on a nail which penetrated the navicular bursa and punctured the tendon in his left hind. He was taken to the equine hospital where he was operated on and his foot was bombarded with antibiotics in an attempt to get rid of the now serious infection. It was touch and go but eventually he pulled through. Next was 6 months of box rest and a gradual return to work. He responded well but the slightest thing and he would be lame on that leg again. I was becoming increasingly upset and unsure how to deal with this and starting to wonder whether Will would ever return to full mobility. Then Jackie came on the scene!!!! Jackie immediately explained that Will’s pelvis had rotated meaning that he was unable to stand square and work with his weight evenly distributed. As he is a big boy this increases his susceptibility to lameness on that left hind. Will has now had 2 full treatments with Jackie and to explain how he now feels I must say he feels happy!! He wants to work and he is carrying himself so much better. We are not out of the woods yet but I cannot thank Jackie enough for her encouragement, professionalism and expertise which have given us a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel. We will continue to work with Jackie and I cannot commend her enough to you and your horse.

Thank you so much Jackie xx

Comment received since original testimonial submitted:

“He now feels fantastic! He has never been able to leg yield like that, even before he had his accident!”


Jess King & MistyJess King & Misty, Aldingbourne

Hi, I’m Jess King.  My pony Misty was rushing everything, trying to slow her down has been hard.  She also would turn her head to the left on a right rein, which is quite off putting.  Bending her into a jump was such hard work.  Simple schooling has been leaving me worn out.  It was suggested after being lame a few times, to have her shod.  My Mum wasn’t very keen on this idea as Misty is 12 and never been shod.

A friend gave my Mum Jackie’s phone number.  I was at school when Jackie worked on Misty.  We had to leave her to rest for a few days and then I slowly started doing some work with Misty.  The change in my pony is amazing, she has stopped turning her head to the side, she feels a much smoother ride and she has slowed down, I now get a controlled canter and a super trot.  Misty loves her work now, we have so much fun.  I even jump bare back now :-)

So from me and my Mum a really BIG thank you, my super pony is now an amazing pony.  Thank you Jackie xx

Comment from Mrs King:

Thank you.  I’m so very pleased at what you have done for Misty and Jess x


EdHannah Rogers (Yard Manager at Osborne Refrigerators Equestrian Team) & Ed, Chichester

Ed had been having difficulty maintaining left lead canter and bending left.  He was also finding it hard to get right lead canter and was very short behind, not covering the ground.  The last time he had jumped, he had thrown Hannah off a stride or two after the jump.  He was found to have a pelvic rotation and other vertebral misalignments which meant that he could not use himself correctly in his work.  On receipt of this telephone message from Hannah, Ed has only had one McTimoney Chiropractic treatment…

“Hi Jackie, just ringing you to say thank you so so much, Ed is amazing!  I’ve just done some cantering and he was really really good, and some jumping, he was incredible!  Thanks very much.”

Since then, Ed has had one more treatment and Hannah is even more thrilled with his progress!