Jackie Leftwich BSc MSc AMC MMCA FRCC (Animal)
Chiropractor [McTimoney/STR/IAVC] (Qualified to treat humans and animals)
Registered with GCC and RAMP
Telephone: 07738 110570
E-mail: info@watersidechiropractic.co.uk

Emma & Foxi in actionEmma Priest competes with her 4 year old Collie X Jack Russell ‘Foxilocks Flyer’ (Foxi) in Canine Agility.  Foxi currently competes at Grade 7, which is the highest possible canine agility grade in the UK.  Emma and Foxi qualified for the International Kennel Club Agility Festival at Rockingham Castle in August 2014 where they hoped to qualify for the Olympia Kennel Club Agility Stakes and Crufts 2015, as well as World Agility Open tryouts in Europe.  In July 2014, Foxi gained her Silver Warrant which is awarded for exceeding 400 Kennel Club Warrant Points (points are awarded for placings and wins), so Foxi now has letters after her name (AWS)!

Emma says “having regular check ups and treatments with Jackie at Waterside Chiropractic is an essential part of Foxi’s training and general well being.  She gives me 100% every time we compete so I have to make sure she is able to do that by making sure she feels her best.  Having regular treatments has definitely improved her performance.  Aside from competition Foxi is firstly my pet and a very much valued part of my family, she loves having her treatments and you can see a big difference in the way she stands and moves afterwards.  I would recommend Jackie to anyone, she has my complete faith to treat both my dogs and gives me peace of mind knowing that they feel their best!”

Emma Priest


Percy is my ten year old LH Miniature Dachshund. One afternoon I noticed he was a little unsteady on his feet, within hours he could not walk more than two or three steps nor could he raise his leg to go to the toilet. We rushed him to our local Vets who x-rayed him and said he had ‘most likely’ damaged the disks in his spine and needed a spinal operation immediately (‘and that will be £3,500 please’) or to be put to sleep. Before rushing in and getting the Op done, which was my first instinct, I got a second opinion and a referral to Jackie Leftwich.

When Percy first saw Jackie he could not walk more than a few steps, he could not go to the toilet without me supporting his body, he was in pain and clearly unhappy. After only a few moments observation Jackie noted that Percy had in fact misaligned his pelvis which was causing him pain and affecting the muscles around his spine. After twenty minutes of careful manipulation Percy was clearly feeling happier and a little more mobile. After three sessions he was walking almost as normal. After five Chiropractic sessions with Jackie plus crate rest and anti-inflammatory tablets Percy was 100% improved. Now 3 months on Percy is still fit, healthy, bouncing around and chasing his ball as if it never happened.

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to Jackie for, quite literally, saving Percy. I thought I had lost him or at the very least he would be facing life using a trolley to support his back-end. Seeing the dramatic improvement after the very first session was quite unbelievable. My husband and I still cannot quite believe it to this day. Percy now sees Jackie every two months for a ‘tweak’ to ensure all is well– he is always delighted to see her and goes into the treatment room with a wagging tail.

I would not hesitate in recommending Jackie to anyone, losing Percy would have been devastating for me and she is the reason I still have him here sitting by my feet.

Maxine Pears


I would like to say a big thank you for all your help and continued support you have been so kind and Jasper has taken to you so well.

Jaspers illness seems to have been so complicated. He had gone from a dog that enjoyed at least three hours of exercise, playing with doggy friends and walking in the woods, to a dog that was refusing to walk and hunching his back and shivering in pain. After my vet discovered that Jasper suffered with a build up of calcium oxalate crystals, causing issues with his spine he thought that it would be best to refer Jasper to you. You saw Jasper as quickly as we could manage it and have been seeing us regularly since then. All of your treatments have been given with information of what you expect from the process and what you have done. Jasper has been making gradual progress and is now able to walk off the lead and have walks with his friends. He may not be able to manage to walk as far or as long as he could, but he is very happy and is enjoying his life again.

Jasper loves visiting you and getting his cuddles and always seems to enjoy his treatments. I will always be happy to visit you for the treatments that Jasper will continue to need throughout his life and feel that I have made a good friend!

Thank you

Michelle Murkin


I have competed in agility with my dogs for quite a few years and have always used McTimoney practitioners for check-ups and treatments.  The dog I now compete with has been doing agility for several years.  Penny was a stray and is extremely nervous when being handled, for this reason I always thought treatment would be impossible.  When being handled, Penny will generally get worse and worse and become very tense and will thrash around to get away.  Recently, although still getting good places in competition, I ‘felt’ something wasn’t quite right with Penny. 

I contacted Jackie and explained Penny’s problems, but asked would she be prepared to look at her.  Jackie was very supportive and positive on the phone and yes she was more than happy to try.

The first treatment wasn’t easy, but Jackie was not put off by Penny’s behaviour and gently but confidently carried on the treatment with me holding Penny in position.  Penny had her usual moments of being wild and grumpy, but also moments of relaxing and even closed her eyes at times, wow this was a major breakthrough.

On Penny’s 2nd visit I was surprised and delighted that Penny greeted Jackie and after 5 minutes of me holding her, I let go of her and she chose to stand and allowed Jackie to really give her a good treatment, her eyes were closed for most of the time.  I have never seen this dog so relaxed.   Penny’s 3rd visit was the same and this time she jumped up to Jackie to say ‘Hi’, and another relaxed check up & treatment.

The result of these treatments are that Penny seems to be jumping really well now (this photograph was taken after her second treatment).

Thanks to Jackie’s confidence, patience and magic hands I am now able to get Penny checked on a regular basis, something I feel is important for any sporting dog.

Karen Fuller


Simden LeonbergerMy 5 year old Leonberger had always done well in the showring, but she began to develop a lopsided and down on pasterns gait, she was also holding her head slightly down, not up and proud as it once was, her rear legs were shaking on rising when getting up after spells of resting.  After seeing the vet to eliminate illness I put this down to early signs of arthritis and resigned myself to this.

On speaking to a fellow Leonberger breeder who had experienced similar problems with one of her Leos, she had been visiting a McTimoney Chiropractor in Surrey and reported excellent results.  She suggested I also visit a McTimoney Chiropractor so I decided to give it a try.  I found Jackie lived close to me so I made an appointment, and so glad I did!!  As soon as Jackie saw Leffey move in walk and trot she diagnosed the problem, a rather bad twisted pelvis (pelvic rotation).  Jackie assured me that it was very treatable.  After no more than 4 sessions the difference was remarkable, Leffey’s gate is now back to excellent, has no shake on rising and holds her head up high at the correct angle.  We have had in total 6 sessions over the past 12 months and it has now been a good 3 months since we last saw Jackie and there is no sign of her needing more treatment.

I found Jackie to be both professional and friendly with a genuine love of dogs.  I am so pleased with the results, I recommend her to others and would use her services without hesitation.  Indeed we were so impressed with Jackie’s skill and obvious love of dogs that my husband went to her with his back pain and Jackie has sorted his back problems out as well, and he is now pain free.

Julie Cole  (Simden Leonbergers  - click here to visit website)